About Us

We are a couple of 30 somethings that fell in love at an early age and now we get to photograph people on one of the most important days of their lives. Our name "New Day Photography" was birthed out of a philosphy that each new day is a gift. To quote one of our favorite songs by the Robbie Seay Band "Yesterday is gone and today is waiting on you to show your face."

The images of us are non professional images that are pulled directly from our facebook pages to give you a little look into our everyday lives.

We call the great states of Ohio and Georgia our home but we've had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings all over the country.

Over the years we have changed and so has our approach to wedding and engagement photography. We take as much pride in documenting the important parts of this amazing event we call a wedding as we do in composing and directing. Basically, we work hard and photograph what moves us. Seeing a shot come to life through the lens and capturing it is actually an amazing rush.

While we understand that in the same way we all have different tastes in food, music, and any countless number of things in life, photography is no different. This is why we love to sit down face to face, via Skype, facetime, or over the phone to make sure that we are the right fit for all our potential clients. So here are some fun random facts about us to help get the ball rolling.


May occasionally get caught listening to 90's R&B music

Is addicted to chocolate and peanut butter (no, seriously addicted)

Is a long suffering Cleveland sports fan and is keeping his fingers crossed that the Cavs are going to break the drought this season

Has been guilty of binge watching HGTV while editing but blames it on Jen

Drinks way too much coffee

Camping in the mountains is the perfect weekend trip

Absolutely loves being Rosie’s dad

Has seen the movie Karate Kid more times than he’d like to admit

Is an adrenaline junkie

Favorites: Season...Fall, Color...Blue, Humans...Jen and Rosie


Gets hooked on certain foods for weeks at a time

Loves most anything on broadway

Directed an international children’s choir for a year long tour

Is a world class sleeper. Nothing wakes her up

Secretly thinks she is very athletic

Played Mary next to Josh who played Joseph almost 18 years ago in a musical.

Loves northern California (who doesn’t?)